“Friends and family”? My arse.

My friend Laych, with whom I worked at the New Straits Times has just posted a story on The Nut Graph, where she now works, detailing an investigation into who placed that ridiculous “congratulatory” message in the NYT, thus dragging that venerable publication to the level of the, well, NST. (NYT’s own fault for accepting the ad and the money, in my view.)

I strongly recommend that article, and I also strongly recommend The Nut Graph as one of the few agencies that actively tries to be fully independent and non-partisan in its editorial objectives and reporting (edit: or at least they seem to try). Please support it if you can.

Yes, I know Rosmah Mansor is fugly but if you feel compelled to comment on this issue either on Laych’s story or this post, I ask that you avoid the argumentum ad hominem, i.e. Rosmah is fat. Rosmah is ugly. Etc. That kind of thing is acceptable if you’re three years old; and I hope you’re not three years old because the internet, like public roads, is a dangerous place for unsupervised young people.

If you like I can post a crash course in recognising syllogistic fallacies like the ad hominem thinggie. It’s fun and profitable. I shall see if I can find my College books on it.


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