Melt down your own neighbourhood please

The Minister for, of all things, Energy, Green Technology and Water disclosed today that Pahang, Johor, and Terengganu have been idenfified as “possible states for a proposed nuclear power plant due to availability of remote locations that are close to water sources, in line with international rules.”

Seeing as these three states hold much of our forest reserves, I believe this is a superior location. It is remote, is close to water sources, and best of all will not have much impact on the existing natural environment as the environment there is entirely man-made. I have taken steps to inform the relevant authority of this. I apologise for the typos… the screen was too small and I couldn’t see what I was typing. Perhaps you could help me out by doing the same. Here is the Prime Minister’s blogpost.

Also, in the event of an accident or toxic waste spill, we can ensure that those most at risk are most able to afford being at risk, since they volunteered for public service in the first place.

Here is where you might want to put it:


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