My name is U-En Ng. I was born in 1975 at Dr Catterall’s shop-house clinic in Section 14, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, then institutionalised at a young age, first here, then here. In these places I learnt various things including self-reliance, independence, which are the same thing, and some useful languages such as this.

I can pick locks, climb reasonable walls and crack some analogue combination safes. I am familiar with the use and maintenance small- and medium-calibre automatic pistols as well as bolt action rifles; but have not had occasion to use any of these skills in my day-to-day work. Well, not lately anyway.

I was a journalist, first at the Sun, then at the New Straits Times, and finally The Malay Mail where I was parliamentary sketchwriter, columnist and leader writer. I was also for a time editor of Malay Mail Online but eventually booted myself out from all the above.

I have written a play, called Sybil, which has been described as relentless torture; and a musical which wasn’t very good and which managed to irritate most of my friends.

These days I am mostly unemployed in any capacity, though I have a theatre column somewhere in The New Sunday Times. I am considering becoming a farmer, or a terrorist, or a terrorist farmer who will hold the country to ransom via my army of evil cows (of which I have, currently, none).

I live in Kuala Lumpur, near the south-bound traffic jam.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. That is an outstanding picture. Several of those and I shall conquer Putrajaya in 1/32 the time it takes Anwar Ibrahim to talk about it. 🙂

  2. Dear U En,
    I kept a newspaper article written by you years ago with the title: “Okay Olready” from NST because it is a topic which i am quite passionate about: the ubiquitous Malaysian English. However, i cannot trace when the article is written and at what section or page. Would you be able to provide me with that information? Thank you.

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